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Client Composites

Custom Composites

These are a few samples of clients composites. Each composite begins with the clients request to turn an idea or dream into a visual image, from which a rough sketch is drawn to make sure the parts required for the concept are photographed at the correct angles and with specific lighting schemes or set ups to best capture the imagery for the concept. After the necessary photography is completed, the raw images are uploaded and backed up. Once the images are processed and culled for best selections, they are exported at the highest resolution required for the project and then imported into Adobe Photoshop to create the composited image—which depending on complexity of the concept it can range between 8 to 36 hours of production to deliver the final composite.


  • Illustrator
  • Photography
  • Photoshop
  • A_mastermind_in_the_Kitchen
  • sexy-angel-composite
  • street-construction-composite
    Street Construction
  • butterfly-nest-composite
    Butterfly Nest